What to expect in a craniosacral session?

A craniosacral session usually lasts between 50 minutes to an hour.  At the beginning of the first craniosacral session a full health history will be taken. This will include details of lifestyle, emotional state, childhood, birth, medical and family health history. This provides a really useful platform to begin treatment from.

You then lie fully clothed on a treatment couch. If you are unable to lie flat, you can be on your side, or in a chair. I use a light physical touch contacting different parts of the body as required and negotiated with the patient. During a session patients often report a deep sense of relaxation and calm and may also become aware of body sensations such as temperature changes, tingling and pulsations. Once the session is completed changes can continue over several days as the body readjusts, this may initially exacerbate symptoms.

Conditions that respond well to craniosacral therapy:-

Stress and anxiety
Headaches and migraines
Neck/shoulder/back pain
Injury, shock and trauma
Dental/facial pain & neuralgia
Ear, nose & throat conditions
Asthma and breathing disorders
Chronic fatigue
Insomnia and sleeping problems


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How many sessions will you need?

After the first appointment we will be able to discuss whether we both feel you would benefit from further sessions and come up with an initial appointment plan.

Some people seek out craniosacral therapy because they have an acute physical problem which may only require a few sessions. Others come because they have long standing problems both physical and emotional which may require longer term ongoing support.

If you are unsure whether craniosacral therapy might be helpful for you and would like
to know more, please call Louise on 07932 122355