Client Testimonials

“I feel absolutely brilliant this week” “Back to Me” which is really good.

AB (after 5 sessions.)

I went home after my first session with Louise and slept all night. The last time I slept that well was 23 years ago!


I have had 2 sessions with Louise and I can honestly say I am sleeping better, I feel calmer and my anxiety has reduced. I am happy when wake up and my family have noticed a change.


I came to see Louise because I had severe pain and limited opening of my jaw following a wisdom tooth extraction several months before. What I remember from the session is that it started with calm and stillness which allowed me to become aware of tight areas in my body. Louise’s light touch then triggered a release of pressure/energy in my right foot and lower back. Then my jaw relaxed! I was amazed that the tension in my jaw was connected to my foot and back. I remembered having my foot run over when I was young and subsequently having lower back pain for a number of years. The following day I had no pain at all and I had more flexibility generally. Honestly amazing.


Common feedback following Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

I can think more clearly.
I can now speak up for myself.
I feel more connected within my body and with life in general.
I feel calmer, more peaceful.
I am sleeping better.
I have a sense of relaxation and of ease.
I felt warmth and tingling sensations.
I feel more balanced, aligned.
I have more energy and feel more alive.
I am more in touch with my emotions.
I am remembering past events.